Privacy Policy

Last Updated: January 29th 2020

All events and correspondence to host, produce and execute events is kept under the same terms, conditions and privacy policy according to Hi Society, a brand of TESTBED VEGAS LLC.

Any authorized agents are under the direction of Hi Society and data collected is not sold to outside parties. Under the terms of registration, limited information such as name, company and email address may be shared with attendees and event sponsors for the event attended.

When registering for our events we use a registration portal, currently kickoflabs and eventbrite, which will facilitate your information and any payment necessary. After the close of the event (within 90 days) that information will be removed from kickofflabs & eventbrite.

For  invitees, we will maintain your personal information for 2 years from the date of the event in order to provide you information and offers regarding future events. 

However, we will delete your personal information at any time upon your request. To have your information removed from future conference invitations, please contact Cheyne Cole at